Geraldines Shou Sugi Ban Sign

Interior wood paneling can bring personality to residential and commercial projects alike. At Delta Millworks, we use color, texture, and other design elements to customize our wood paneling to your project’s specifications. Whether you’re looking for a natural tone, or want a more modern design, our millworks in Austin, TX can help you find the perfect wood paneling for your design needs. Read on to see how we’ve helped past clients creating conversation-starting interiors.

Play with Colors

Just because wood is naturally beige or brown doesn’t mean it can’t be treated with other colors. Check out our work at the Rubio Showroom. The treated wood panels are infused with bold red and black colors to make horizontal patterns that bring movement and break with any monotony in the background.

The wood still keeps the gorgeous texture and shine that only wood walls can achieve, thanks to their natural porosity and indentations. This is a fine example of how art and craftsmanship can come together in amazing ways. Make an even bolder statement by adding more than two treated wood colors to your pattern.

Painted Signs and Symbols

Design a pattern, draw a picture, or come up with any other picturesque idea for your wooden wall, such as a message or a simple etching. Take advantage of the porosity of treated wood siding by painting right on top of the wood. Our work with Geraldine’s shows how gold paint can contrast with treated dark brown wood. The result is a beautiful, contemporary-looking sign that is as creative as it is decorative.

Experiment with Texture

A great way to work with wood is emphasizing specific patterns that occur naturally in its surface, which is what we do during our shou sugi ban process. Treated wood is not always smooth, shiny, or linear. For example, our Accoya Gator charred wood features a unique pattern that adds even more depth to a textured panel. These naturally occurring patterns are a great way to draw attention to a wall without the use of additional decor or statement pieces.

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If you ever wondered how your home or business can benefit from interior wood paneling, come visit us at Delta Millworks and see for yourself the variety in tones, textures, and patterns that can bring uniqueness to your home. Delta Millworks combines ancient practices of charring wood while maintaining principles of sustainability at the same time. Learn more today!

French Chestnut Siding

Summer is just around the corner, and many homeowners are busy preparing their houses for the sunny days and warm nights ahead. If you're looking for reliable, beautiful wood for an upcoming deck project, Delta Millworks has a variety of woods available including French Chestnut and Accoya decking materials that homeowners love for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Read on to learn more about our decking options and contact a Delta Millworks representative today.


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with technologically enhanced wood manufacturer Kebony®, to produce a line of Shou Sugi Ban modified timber cladding and interior paneling, according to Kebony USA Sales Manager Andy Hehl.

Delta and Laity Lodge

Delta Millworks is excited to work with Laity Lodge on their current renovation of their ecumenical Christian retreat center. Established in 1961 in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the Laity Lodge is undergoing its first major renovation in fifty years, and the project's goal is to improve the current guest lodging experience while preserving the welcoming feel that the lodge has provided over the past 50 years.

Accoya Key Features

Home renovation is always a big task, requiring many decisions including what company to hire to do the work, what budget you want to stick to, and what materials to use to create the aesthetic you've carefully designed. It can be quite overwhelming as selecting suitable materials, talent and creating the final design can be a tricky process. If you're renovating your floors, siding, paneling, or deck, you have many choices in what type of wood to use to complete the job.


Specialty wood can be a beautiful addition to any commercial or residential remodel or project. With so many woods and finishes to choose from, you may find yourself overwhelmed with choices when deciding what specialty wood to use. The range of choices available today leads to more complexity, and the exciting, sizable wood market can be confusing to the unfamiliar.


Whether you're an interior designer, architect, builder or homeowner looking to upgrade your home’s design, Delta Millworks has a variety of interior and exterior wood paneling to suit your project's style. From our colorful Sahara line to our rustic barnwood paneling, our strong portfolio of specialty wood products is sure to include a style that fits your project's specifications. Learn more about Delta Millworks’ line of interior and exterior paneling.

French Chestnut Flooring

Delta Millworks is excited to add authentic French Chestnut flooring and decking to our collection of fine wood products. Through extensive in-house testing and many consultations with our partners in Europe, we've selected a premium product that has several advantages over traditional wood choices for flooring and deck building. French Chestnut's dimensional stability and rot resistance make it an excellent choice for hard-wearing outdoor use. In addition to outdoor use, its remarkable stability makes it ideal for use in homes with heated flooring. With its competitive price point and year-after-year reliability, our French Chestnut flooring is an excellent addition to our collection of premium woods. Learn more about the key features and benefits of this beautiful wood.

Imagine Art and Delta Millworks

It's always a good feeling giving back to your community. This is exactly what Delta Millworks and the University of Texas School of Design did for East Austin Art Studio Imagine Art. The art students had been assigned to make furniture pieces for a semester long project, and would then donate their finished work. They then approached Delta Millworks with an idea to transform an outdoor space at the art studio, which would then be used by local residents and the artists themselves. This project not only benefitted Imagine Art, but the project also provided the students an excellent opportunity to use their talents for a local, nonprofit organization here in Austin.


Delta Millworks began finishing and charring Accoya out of a need to adapt shou-sugi-ban to modern architecture. The Japanese burned their native species wood for centuries, which served a sacred and practical purpose. However, the original burned wood was not used in high traffic commercial and residential areas.

shou sugi ban study

A study that set out to determine whether burning wood helps the wood resist moisture.

Droga 5

This awesome installation is done by Rogers Partners out of New York. Their goal to explore global urbanism gave way to the new headquarters for international advertising agency Droga5. The space is comprised of three floors and a two-story penthouse in New York’s Financial District. Being a Collaborative culture, the firm went against traditional corporate office models. "The space is designed so everyone shares in the daylight and views while private offices are placed against the core, encased in glass."

The main path connecting the floors is clad by the use of our Cypress Half Gator Shou Sugi Ban, providing wayfinding and a rich material quality to these areas. "Simple authentic materials offer a sober and modern contrast with the unobstructed bright natural light flooding in from the East River views."

Photography by Albert Vecerka

The Austin housing market is at a all time high; space is limited and prices are surging. To combat these road blocks, a tiny house movement is happening to blend practicality and affordability.

Local designer Nicole Blair of Studio 512 accomplished this feat by sourcing recycled and local products like our Reclaimed Long Leaf Pine. To add more contrast and flair to this gorgeous "Cedar Shake Cottage", she installed our Redwood Shou Sugi Ban; and what an impression it makes! Check out this recent TRIBEZA article in full!

FSC Certified Hardwood Supplier

Delta Millworks is now proudly FSC certified. The Forestry Stewardship council offers certification to suppliers who are committed to using well grown products from sustainable forests.

Charred Wood Siding - Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger is an incredible homebuilder in our hometown of Austin, Texas. He has an awesome building science blog that we love to read and he's installed our shou sugi ban charred wood siding products with precision. He was gracious enough to do a video about us on his popular YouTube channel.


Delta Millworks has recently become an AIA Continuing Education Provider. The American Institute of Architects has approved Delta to provide learning credits to architects worldwide. Shou Sugi Ban 101 can now be offered to any office, anywhere. This is a great opportunity for architects to learn about the wonderful benefits and versatility of charred wood siding. Architects will also be able to gain practical design ideas and tips through these sessions. We’re excited to get in more doors and provide all of our design partners with insight into “burning wood beautifully.” If you are interested in learning more about shou-sugi-ban, contact and schedule a presentation for your office!

Tribeza and Delta

It was pleasure working with homeowner John Oates, builder Ron Reue and architect Shiflet Group on this Westlake Hills, Texas project. The project has been featured in the latest October issue of Tribeza magazine. This is it’s annual Architecture issue in which the publication showcases local projects and firms throughout Central Texas. This project was just outside of Austin in Westlake Hills and was special for several reasons, but primarily because we had not produced this particular finish before. We now call this product our Texas Barnwood (one of our shou-sugi-ban/charred wood products). It was a great experience working with the team to develop the colors and textures seen on this siding product. It was a process that we love to do because it usually entails creating finishes that have never exactly been done before.

You can view the entire October issue online here.

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