Sustainable, Durable, and Beautiful

Lunawood timber is grown and strengthened for nearly 80 years in the harsh climate of Scandinavia. Lunawood’s thermal modification creates ideal material that performs in demanding applications.

Introducing Lunawood:
Highly suitable material for exterior cladding due to its dimensional stability, weather resistance, durability, and beautiful appearance.

Lunawood is thermally modified using heat and steam with zero chemicals, now available unfinished and prefinished from Delta Millworks.

Key Features & Benefits


  • Dimensionally stable
  • Highly durable
  • Expected service life of 30 years in exterior and decking applications
  • Thermally modified without chemicals
  • Suitable for all climates


Responsible Sourcing

  • Chain-of-custody certification provides independent verification that the material originates from sustainably managed Nordic forests
  • PEFC forest management certification ensures forests are managed in line with environmental, social, and economic requirements
  • Only 75% of the annual growth is harvested; when one tree is cut, four new trees are seeded

Beauty in Imperfection

Naturally Weathered Lunawood

Thermal modification gives unfinished Lunawood a distinctive, caramel brown color. Over time, unfinished Lunawood will gradually develop a silver gray appearance with variation depending on UV exposure. This natural weathering can take years and has no affect on the durability and stability of the wood.

Featured Project

Reed House

Situated alongside a pond, this house uses unfinished Lunawood, clad vertically—a design decision inspired by the reeds at the pond’s edge.

The exterior of the home will weather slightly over time, showing the passage of time and linking the architecture to the natural elements that surround it.

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