Old Souls Reclaimed™

Reclaimed Wood

Delta began salvaging and repurposing longleaf pine over three decades ago, and we work with very same materials and processes today. Delta prides itself on sourcing quality material, meticulously de-nailing boards and timbers, and sawing and milling large timbers into uniquely beautiful finished products.


  • All salvaged/recycled material
  • Exterior siding, flooring and interior paneling options available
  • Custom color matching available
  • Exterior coating option for 3-5 year maintenance cycles
  • Charred options available
  • Delivered to jobsite ready-for-installation
  • Reliably-sourced materials – consistency and quality guaranteed

Reclaiming with Delta

Delta implemented its practice of utilizing salvaged lumber decades ago, and we have maintained the highest quality of sustainable production. With our premiere charred and uncharred finishes, we are transcending the traditionally rustic appearance of reclaimed wood and presenting something more useable and aesthetically compelling. And each piece of our reclaimed wood brings the history of the American West into your home.

Introducing: The Old Souls™ Collection

Good timber does not grow with ease: The stronger wind, the stronger trees.

Older wood salvaged from pre-existing structures has stood the test of time; it is well-seasoned, stable, and durable, making it ideal for thick flooring, siding, cladding, decks, or ceiling beams.