Delta Millworks And The University Of Texas School Of Design Partner To Beautify Art Studio


It’s always a good feeling giving back to your community. This is exactly what Delta Millworks and the University of Texas School of Design did for East Austin Art Studio Imagine Art. The art students had been assigned to make furniture pieces for a semester long project, and would then donate their finished work. They then approached Delta Millworks with an idea to transform an outdoor space at the art studio, which would then be used by local residents and the artists themselves. This project not only benefitted Imagine Art, but the project also provided the students an excellent opportunity to use their talents for a local, nonprofit organization here in Austin.

The University of Texas School of Design contacted Delta Millworks for wood to use in order to recreate the outdoor space. Delta Millworks donated repurposed wood and French Chestnut flooring samples. With this, the students were then able to create outdoor furniture such as benches, tables, and planters. Delta’s sustainable wood was perfect for this outdoor job.

Imagine Art is a Christian, nonprofit organization that hosts a creative space for more than 100 artists, and has over 10,000 square feet of studios and galleries.

The factor that stands out the most about Imagine Art is that they also offer specialized support to artists with disabilities to create art in a safe space. There are over 165,000 citizens with disabilities living in Austin. Among those are artists living with disabilities. There are also non-disabled artists who are free to join to work in the studio, and volunteer to help with the daily operations and programs. This then helps the studio to have a more diverse and inclusive space.

Delta Millworks is proud to have been able to contribute the materials to make this project possible. With Delta’s donated wood and the student’s talent, Imagine Art gained an impressive outdoor space.