We are thrilled to announce our partnership with technologically enhanced wood manufacturer Kebony®, to produce a line of Shou Sugi Ban modified timber cladding and interior paneling, according to Kebony USA Sales Manager Andy Hehl.

The new cladding and paneling range, called Kebony Shou Sugi Ban, utilizes the ancient Japanese techniques of burning, brushing or pre-weathering timber to provide a long-lasting and striking wood cladding product. This unique manufacturing process of Kebony has been used in the UK for the past eight years and will now be available for projects in the US, produced through Delta Millworks.

Kebony Shou Sugi Ban by Delta Millworks cladding and paneling products are available in various styles using Kebony Clear products, each differing in textured grain and tonal palette. Delta is currently offering Kebony Noroshi Gator and the Kebony Noroshi Half Gator. Both are reminiscent of the Japanese style of this finishing process, with a heavy layer of char that protects the wood. Delta plans to roll out more Shou Sugi Ban products in Kebony.

Despite these variations caused by charring, Kebony Shou Sugi Ban cladding offers the same sustainable and performance characteristics as other Kebony products. The wood is treated with a bio-based liquid that, after it is cured, provides a combination of outstanding durability and dimensional stability. The patented process results in wood cell walls that are about 50 percent thicker and provide a hardness that rivals the best tropical hardwoods.

Kebony Clear products are homogeneously treated and can be further machined or cross-cut to length as required. Kebony technology initially produces a deep rich brown color; after exposure to sun and rain the wood develops a natural silver-gray patina. Performance is maintained, while beauty is enhanced.