Interior wood paneling can bring personality to residential and commercial projects alike. At Delta Millworks, we use color, texture, and other design elements to customize our wood paneling to your project’s specifications. Whether you’re looking for a natural tone, or want a more modern design, our millworks in Austin, TX can help you find the perfect wood paneling for your design needs. Read on to see how we’ve helped past clients creating conversation-starting interiors.

Play with Colors

Just because wood is naturally beige or brown doesn’t mean it can’t be treated with other colors. Check out our work at the Rubio Showroom. The treated wood panels are infused with bold red and black colors to make horizontal patterns that bring movement and break with any monotony in the background.

The wood still keeps the gorgeous texture and shine that only wood walls can achieve, thanks to their natural porosity and indentations. This is a fine example of how art and craftsmanship can come together in amazing ways. Make an even bolder statement by adding more than two treated wood colors to your pattern.

Painted Signs and Symbols

Design a pattern, draw a picture, or come up with any other picturesque idea for your wooden wall, such as a message or a simple etching. Take advantage of the porosity of treated wood siding by painting right on top of the wood.Our work with Geraldine’s shows how gold paint can contrast with treated dark brown wood. The result is a beautiful, contemporary-looking sign that is as creative as it is decorative.

Experiment with Texture

A great way to work with wood is emphasizing specific patterns that occur naturally in its surface, which is what we do during our shou sugi ban process. Treated wood is not always smooth, shiny, or linear. For example, our Accoya Gator charred wood features a unique pattern that adds even more depth to a textured panel. These naturally occurring patterns are a great way to draw attention to a wall without the use of additional decor or statement pieces.

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If you ever wondered how your home or business can benefit from interior wood paneling, come visit us at Delta Millworks and see for yourself the variety in tones, textures, and patterns that can bring uniqueness to your home. Delta Millworks combines ancient practices of charring wood while maintaining principles of sustainability at the same time. Learn more today!