Whether you’re an interior designer, architect, builder or homeowner looking to upgrade your home’s design, Delta Millworks has a variety of interior and exterior wood paneling to suit your project’s style. From our colorful Sahara line to our rustic barnwood paneling, our strong portfolio of specialty wood products is sure to include a style that fits your project’s specifications. Learn more about Delta Millworks’ line of interior and exterior paneling.

Natural Wood Paneling

Our line of natural interior and exterior paneling options include the Accoya Tejas series, which features sustainably sourced Radiata Pine Accoya wood that can be finished and stained in a shade custom to your project. This wood is available in a plain cut and can be ordered in clear or customized coloring. More neutral interior and exterior panel options include the Accoya Sahara line, which has undergone a technique to raise some of the wood’s grain, giving the wood a distinct texture. Other wood varieties include Cypress, such as Tidewater and Select Cypress, and Redwood, which requires little maintenance and is coated in natural fire repellent.

Shou-Sugi-Ban Wood Paneling

More options for interior and exterior wood paneling includes Delta Millworks’ distinct Shou-Sugi-Ban, or traditional Japanese charred woods. Shou-Sugi-Ban is resistant to external damage from insects, the sun, and other outdoor elements, making it a fine selection for exterior paneling needs. Not only does Delta Millworks have intensely-charred woods made in the traditional Japanese style, but they have also created their own wood burning techniques to create both heavily and lightly charred wood paneling options. Burned and Brushed (B&B) woods are thoroughly charred and finished by hand to resist chipping and scratching, while their Gator technique is the most heavily charred finishes, and is the most reminiscent of the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban. These finishes are offered in a variety of colors, including:

  • Black
  • Tiger Natural
  • Tiger Navajo Red
  • Blue Granite
  • Woodland Green
  • Navajo White
  • Teal
  • Tiger Taupe

Each variety of wood has its own unique benefits and qualities, so let a Delta Representative help select the right type of paneling for your project. Whether you are seeking to make your inner space more beautiful and sophisticated with interior paneling, or are looking for a tough and resistance wood for an exterior project, contact us today and a Delta rep will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We’re excited to discuss your project with you.