Get Your Deck Ready For Summer With Decking From Delta Millworks


Summer is just around the corner, and many homeowners are busy preparing their houses for the sunny days and warm nights ahead. If you’re looking for reliable, beautiful wood for an upcoming deck project, Delta Millworks has a variety of woods available including French Chestnut and Accoya decking materials that homeowners love for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Read on to learn more about our decking options and contact a Delta Millworks representative today.

Accoya Decking

Accoya wood is ideal for any home decking project. Whether you are repairing an existing deck or starting from scratch, Accoya offers exceptional dimensional stability. It stands up to the ever changing weather, and it remains cool to the touch. Even in direct sunlight and temperatures above 90°F, Accoya feels comfortable under bare feet. It resists splintering and grain rising which works perfectly for families with small children that will be spending a lot of time on the deck.

Accoya is perfect for decks that are frequently wet or in close contact with the ground, making it ideal for pool decking. It has a natural effectiveness against the decay and rot associated with high moisture areas, and it provides a barrier against insects. Best of all, Accoya adds architectural beauty to any location.

French Chestnut Decking

Delta Millworks offers French Chestnut decking in a variety of colors and styles including:

  • Pure
  • Dolphin
  • Grey (Grooves)
  • Chocolate
  • Pure (Grooves)

With many decking finishes, you’re bound to find one that matches your home’s style. Apart from it’s aesthetic, French Chestnut provides dimensional stability and resists rot. These features make it a premium wood for decking projects, especially in moisture laden climates where deck rot can become a costly problem. It’s perfect in areas with heavy traffic, and it can be used indoors with heated flooring too.

The competitive price point of French Chestnut along with its reliability makes it a favorite among homeowners. This wood also continues to look beautiful as it ages, and takes on a shimmering silver patina over time. Whether you choose to use it for your home deck or as decking around the swimming pool, this durable material will hold up and continue to look amazing throughout the years.

At Delta Millworks, we’re proud to carry quality Accoya and French Chestnut decking. Reliability, beauty, and superb performance make these woods ideal for any home decking project. Call Delta Millworks toady at 512-337-4904 for more information on these and other beautiful wood decking options.