Accoya is sustainably-sourced Radiata Pine treated by nontoxic acetylation. The chemical modification provides dimensional stability and durability that exceeds the best hardwoods.

Accoya comes with a 50-year above-ground warranty. It is Gold Cradle to Cradle Certified, meaning that it’s carbon-neutral and environment-friendly over its lifecycle.


Delta is proud to partner with Accoya as the first lumber mill to apply shou-sugi-ban to this modified wood. Using Accoya, Delta has created extraordinary products that preserve the benefits and aesthetics of traditional charred wood while offering warranties unsurpassed in the lumber industry.

View how our Accoya Gator holds up against harsh environments here.

Key Features

Accoya wood is produced from sustainably sourced, fast growing wood and manufactured using Accsys' proprietary patented modification process from surface to core.

  • Dimensionally stable
  • Outstanding durability
  • Perfect for coating
  • Barefoot friendly
  • Insect barrier
  • From sustainable sources
  • Naturally insulating
  • Consistent quality throughout
  • Retained strength and hardness
  • Excellent machinability
  • Naturally beautiful wood
  • Non-toxic and recyclable

Additional Information

Accoya Video

In commission of GRAPHIUS a whiteboard animation made for Accsys Technologies about their product Accoya Wood.