Accoya | SSB | Delta Gator


  • Charred

Available Profiles

  • Shiplap
  • Tongue & Groove
  • S4S


  • Exterior
  • Interior

Product Specs

Accoya | SSB | Delta Gator

Standard Sizes
3/4x6, 3/4x8, 1x6, 1x8, 1-1/2x6, 1-1/2x8, 2x6, 2x8
8'-16' random, 5% or less 6'-8'
Shiplap, Tongue & Groove, and S4S; custom milling available
Class 1
Fire Rating
SFM 12-7A-1
Accoya Warranty Certificate
Species Guide
Accoya Species Guide

Charred, Not Stained

Delta Gator

Gator is the most heavily charred of our burned finishes. Our Delta Gator finish has a thick layer of char on the surface of the board, which serves as a natural barrier to the sun. This is the most reminiscent of the Japanese technique and will weather beautifully over time.

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Delta Millworks + Accoya Together Shaping the Future of Wood

Delta Millworks began finishing and charring Accoya out of a need to adapt shou-sugi-ban to modern architecture. The Japanese burned their native species wood for centuries, which served a sacred and practical purpose. However, the original burned wood was not used in high traffic commercial and residential areas.

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