Shou Sugi Ban Japanese Burned Wood Paneling


Shou Sugi Ban

Delta Millworks began burning wood in 2007, and we were instantly enthralled by the beautiful textures and grain patterns achieved by taking torches to timbers and boards. Shortly after beginning the craft, we realized we were reviving the Japanese tradition of “shou-sugi-ban.” This process is used to preserve the wood by charring it. The heavily-charred surface of the board makes the wood fire retardant as well as resistant to rot, insects and decay.

Since those early discoveries, our focus has been to adapt shou-sugi-ban to modern architecture. Builders, designers and architects look for wood materials that are aesthetically pleasing, yet provide the same practical benefits of other modern building materials. Through years of diligent practice and research, Delta has produced a line of shou-sugi-ban cladding, paneling and flooring products that are both creative and functional. At Delta Millworks, we are always pioneering and putting a modern spin on this timeless art. We are confident our shou-sugi-ban line will exceed the high demands of modern residential and commercial construction.

Delta is proud to be the original purveyors of shou-sugi-ban on a large commercial scale. Our team has tested countless methods using various burn techniques, applications and finishes on a wide array of wood species to develop the finest charred lumber offerings in the world. Our products are FSC certified and made in the USA.

Exterior Uses & Benefits

Shou Sugi Ban Paneling

Our exterior charred siding products deliver superior performance and distinctive beauty. The burning process creates a layer of carbon resulting in elegant finishes that protect the wood from the elements. All of our exterior products are designed to preserve the tradition of shou-sugi-ban while meeting the high demands of modern architecture.

Key Features

  • - Low maintenance
  • - Resistant to insects, rot and decay
  • - Used for cladding, soffits, exterior ceilings and many other exterior applications
  • - Sustainable, eco-friendly and FSC certified wood

Interior Uses & Benefits

Otoko Burnt Cypress Paneling

Our interior shou-sugi-ban products always showcase the natural beauty of the wood, and the different processes we use create looks ranging from exotic and stunning to neutral and clean. We offer products suitable for any style that are the perfect design element for commercial and residential interiors. Each job we create is a functional piece of art.

Key Features

  • - Unique Natural Beauty - The charring process reveals a one-of-a-kind grain patterns, color and texture distinct to each individual board
  • - The dense and durable surface is suitable for high traffic areas
  • - Used for accent walls, paneling, ceilings and more
  • - Sustainable, eco-friendly and FSC certified wood

Charred Flooring

Shou Sugi Ban Flooring

Delta’s charred flooring line starts with the finest engineered European hardwood flooring. We take White oak and French Chestnut in various widths, grain patterns and grades, then apply our custom burns and finishes to create beautiful, hand-crafted floors.

Key Features

  • - Available in widths from 7” to 15.5”
  • - European engineered flooring, hand-finished in Austin
  • - Suitable for radiant in-floor heating
  • - Flooring comes prefinished, ready for installation