Beetle Kill Pine Wood Products

Delta is proud to introduce our new line of interior cladding products utilizing dead-standing Beetle Kill pine trees from the Western U.S. and Canada. With over 90 million acres affected by this environmental travesty, repurposing these trees not only offsets the use of using other North American softwoods, but also aids in forest fire prevention by helping to clear out areas of fire-prone trees. Beetle Kill Pine offers a rustic, blue-streaked cladding product in its raw, unfinished state. Once textured, burned and stained, the finish options become extensive and the natural “worm holes” in the wood only add to its distinctiveness.

The Char Beetle Collection


  • Beetle Kill Pine Map
  • Colorado State forest service’s annual report estimates one in every 14 standing trees in Colorado is dead
  • Presence of standing dead trees increases severity of forest fires
  • Beetle Kill Pine is the same quality and just as useful as live lumber
  • There is more pine than removal teams and local mills can take