Woodland House

The Team

  • Architect: Bruns Architecture
  • Contractor: David Van Dixhorn
  • Photography: Todd James Photography



  • Kohler, Wisconsin

The Thermally Modified Collection

Thermally modified woods have a distinctive chocolate brown color all the way to the core due to the caramelization of sugars in the wood during the process. The final product can be applied unfinished or customized further. Choose from various stains such as Midnight Black, Espresso, Cinnamon or Haze to add a personalized touch to your interior or exterior design.


Thermally Modified Wood: An Eco-Friendly, Durable Alternative

With sustainability in our roots, we strive to maintain ethical practices in everything we do. Aesthetics are important, but how a look is achieved is equally, if not more important. To honor our products, we must first respect the environment they come from and seek innovative ways for the future of wood production. Thermal Modification seeks to answer the environmental call by creating a product that is striking, superior and eco-friendly.