Tribeza Architecture Issue

Tribeza: The Architecture Issue

October 2015

Like many newcomers, my first evening in Austin culminated with a late night performance at the Continental Club. I don’t remember who played, but I remember feeling at home with a band onstage and people dancing across the floor. We took a cab back to the hostel, and as we drove, I remember looking out the window and thinking how I had never been to a place that looked quite like Austin. The aesthetic of the architecture, mid-century modern, Spanish Colonial, and turn-of-the-century Victorians all seamlessly blending together, was inspiring.

Reclaimed Long Leaf Pine

Upsize to Downsize

A century ago, a (relatively) new Austin beckoned transplants with the promise of abundant, affordable housing. In the 1920s and '30s, neighborhoods like Hyde Park that had mostly consisted of large Victorian homes on a sprawling lawns, launched a building boom of more modest bungalows on smaller lots that would appeal to a growing middle class. Today, as we enter a new phase of urban housing, some Austinites are literally taking pieces of this part of the city's past and using them to create even smaller more modest homes, popularly known as "Tiny houses".

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