Cypress #2 | Unfinished | 482 sqft


This material is only available for local pickup at our mill in Austin, Texas.

Profile: Tongue & Groove

$/Sqft: <s>$3.75</s> $2.75

Thickness: 3/4″

Width: 4 1/2″ 

Lengths: Random lengths

Square Feet: 482′

Piece Count: 104

Application: Interior Paneling, Interior Ceilings, Soffits

Tag #: 1145

**This material is sold as-is. Delta Millworks does not accept any responsibility for defects found on material purchased on the Overstock Wood page. The bundles are only available in the square foot amount listed above. Please read all information regarding this material listed on the page above before placing an order. 

**This material is currently only available for local pick-up at our facility in Austin, TX. We will reach out to arrange pick-up after the order is completed.

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