French White Oak | White

French White Oak White 9"

French White Oak | White

Product Specifications

  • Thickness-Engineered: 5/8" (4mm wear layer)
  • Width- 7.5" or 9" Wide

  • Lengths- 5’ to 10’, with 10-15% less than 5 feet, 25% of lenghts will be 8’ to 10’

  • Edge Detail- Squared Edges and Ends

  • Milling- Tongue & Groove , Endmatched

  • Cut- French Cut

  • Grade- Classic Grade

  • Sanded to- 180 Grit

  • Finish- Unfinished, Pre-finished - Custom Colors Availalbe

  • Applications- Flooring, Wall Cladding, Ceiling Cladding


Product Description: Delta’s flooring can be finished with a world-class stain/sealer combo. It is also available unsealed. Potential colors are fully customizable to meet client’s specifications. Contact a Delta representative for information on widths, lengths and finish options.

Maintenance: Scuffs and scratches can be touched up easily with sealer.

Color Options

French White Oak Black 9"

French White Oak Black 9"

French White Oak Pure 9"

French White Oak Pure 9"