Tidewater Cypress


Tidewater Cypress

Product Specifications

  • Thickness-Solid: 13/16"
  • Width- Depends on Stock

  • Lengths- Depends on Stock

  • Edge Detail- Squared

  • Milling- Ship lap, Tongue & Groove, Tex-Gap, and S4S

  • Cut- Plain Sawn

  • Grade- Select

  • Finish- Custom Color or Clear

  • Applications- Interior

Tidewater Cypress

Product Description: Although Cypress is a softwood, it grows alongside hardwoods and is traditionally grouped and manufactured with hardwoods. Southern Cypress grows all along the Gulf Coast, Texas and into Delaware, thriving in a variety of different climates. It contains a natural preservative oil called cypressene that rises to the surface and protects against rot, insects and other harmful substances.

Tidewater Cypress has the highest amount of cypressene making it one of the most rot and insect resistant woods available anywhere in the world. Even in an untreated state, Tidewater Cypress will last for decades (sometimes a hundred years!) with minimal wear or warping. It is also apart of the heartwood, which is the strongest part of the tree.