Cypress | Half Gator

Half Gator Cypress

Cypress | Half Gator

Product Specifications

  • Thickness-Solid: 13/16"
  • Width- 5 1/8" Exposed Face (TG), available 3 1/8" up to 7 1/2" Wide

  • Lengths- 8' 10' 12' 14' 16'

  • Edge Detail- Squared

  • Milling- Ship lap, Tongue & Groove, Tex-Gap, and S4S

  • Cut- Plain Sawn

  • Grade- Select or Number 2

  • Finish- Custom Color or Clear

  • Applications- Interior

More information

Half Gator Cypress Clear

Production Description: Half Gator has been taken to a full gator burn, then carefully brushed by hand to reveal the wood’s beautiful grain structure. It is an artistic and intense process that exposes an extraordinary aesthetic.

Maintenance: Half Gator is sealed with a matte clear coat that protects against rub off. Because some of the char has been brushed back, our clients must use caution when installing on an exterior. If it’s in an area with lots of sun exposure, bronzing of the brushed portions will occur. ½ Gator is a tough and resistant interior product that will not need resealing.

1/2 Gator Series