Cypress | Gator

Gator Charred Wood

Cypress | Gator

Product Specifications

  • Thickness-Solid: 13/16"
  • Width- 5 1/8" Exposed Face (TG), available 3 3/8" up to 7 1/2" Wide

  • Lengths- 8' 10' 12' 14' 16'

  • Edge Detail- Squared

  • Milling- Ship lap, Tongue & Groove, and S4S

  • Cut- Plain Sawn

  • Grade- Select or Number 2

  • Finish- Custom Color or Clear

  • Applications- Interior

Additional Information

Cypress Gator Clear

Production Description: Gator is the most heavily charred of our burned finishes. The siding has a thick layer of char on the surface of the board, which serves as a natural barrier to the sun. It will weather very well over time. It’s the most reminiscent of the Japanese Shou-Sugi-Ban.

Maintenance: Gator can be left unsealed, but is most often sealed with a matte clear coat, which protects against rub off on clothes and hands. Katana-Gator will never need to be resealed. Douglas Fir and Cypress Gator should be resealed with a clear coat every 7-10 years, depending on sun exposure and frequency of contact with human traffic. Dings and bad scratches can be touched up with a black exterior stain.