French Chestnut Flooring

Delta Millworks Introduces Authentic French Chestnut Flooring and Decking

Delta Millworks is excited to add authentic French Chestnut flooring and decking to our collection of fine wood products. Through extensive in-house testing and many consultations with our partners in Europe, we've selected a premium product that has several advantages over traditional wood choices for flooring and deck building. French Chestnut's dimensional stability and rot resistance make it an excellent choice for hard-wearing outdoor use. In addition to outdoor use, its remarkable stability makes it ideal for use in homes with heated flooring. With its competitive price point and year-after-year reliability, our French Chestnut flooring is an excellent addition to our collection of premium woods. Learn more about the key features and benefits of this beautiful wood.

Rot Resistance

An outdoor deck can take quite a beating, even in mild climates. French Chestnut decking is proven to stand up to outdoor conditions better than other decking choices. French Chestnut has superior rot resistance compared to other woods, which allows it to hold up year after year. People living in moister climates are more likely to experience deck rot, and choosing a durable material can help mitigate the damage done over time and reduce the need to replace your wood decking, saving you time and money.

Exterior Performance

In addition to rot resistance, French Chestnut decking is hard-wearing and durable, making it an ideal choice for outdoor decks and patios. This reliability has made it a traditional building material for hundreds of years. While tropical hardwoods are also revered for their outdoor performance, French Chestnut outcompetes these when it comes to affordability. Our French Chestnut decking is available in a variety of finishes and cuts, and our process for cutting the wood allows us to offer longer planks than other manufacturers. All of these features come together to produce an excellent wood for outdoor use.


While its durability, sustainability and rot resistance are important features, let's not forget that French Chestnut is a beautiful wood. Left alone, it will develop a shimmering silvery patina with wear. Additionally, we offer a variety of stains and finishes to fit your taste and design project. In fact, we're the first and only company offering charred French Chestnut flooring, and have taken our experience in Shou Sugi Ban to create beautiful charred finishes that enhances the French Chestnut grain.

French Chestnut Flooring

Our French Chestnut flooring is available in four finishes, but our colors are fully customizable to meet client specifications. In addition, the French cut of the wood provides even more stability and adds to the aesthetic, with both the vertical and cathedral grain presented on the boards. Whether you need French Chestnut flooring for a residential or commercial project, our experts will work with you to find the right finish for your unique project.

Contact Delta Millworks today to learn more about this new collection, and we're happy to discuss pricing, installation, maintenance and more.