Cypress | Hewn Tiger Smooth Teak

Hewn Tiger Smooth Teak Cypress

Cypress | Hewn Tiger Smooth Teak

Product Specifications

  • Thickness-Solid: 13/16"
  • Width- 5 1/8" Exposed Face (TG), available 3 1/8" up to 7 1/2" Wide

  • Lengths- 8' 10' 12' 14' 16'

  • Edge Detail- Squared

  • Milling- Ship lap, Tongue & Groove, Tex-Gap, and S4S

  • Cut- Plain Sawn

  • Grade- Select Grade or Number 2

  • Finish- Custom Color or Clear

  • Applications- Interior and Soffits

Cypress Hewn Tiger Smooth Teak

Product Description: Tiger Smooth is blackened before being brushed with a soft brush. A colorful coat of exterior grade stain or paint is wiped on to maximize color. Delta Millworks founded this technique. Color options are fully customizable.

Maintenance: Tiger Smooth will never need maintenance on the interior. It should be treated as a normal wood siding on exteriors, as no burned layer is covering the surface. On south and east facing walls it will need to be resealed every 18 months-3 years. In areas with less sun exposure the maintenance requirements could be very little, but still use discernment. If installing on the exterior, a UV topcoat is recommended before install. Delta can also provide this service.

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